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Butt fusion

At EPS Trenchless Installations, we specialize in the leading-edge technique of Butt Fusion for High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) piping systems. Our approach is centered on precision and efficiency, ensuring seamless and durable pipe connections. Our team, comprised of specifically trained operatives, employs state-of-the-art Butt Fusion equipment to execute a process that guarantees a homogeneous, leak-proof joint. This method is integral to infrastructure projects demanding longevity and stability, and at EPS Trenchless Installations, we deliver excellence in every fusion.

Expert Electrofusion Solutions

For situations where Butt Fusion is not feasible, such as at intricate pipe junctions, EPS Trenchless Installations offers advanced Electrofusion solutions. Our method utilizes cutting-edge fittings with built-in electrical heating elements, skillfully melting and bonding the fitting to the pipe. This process, carried out by our highly trained team, is ideal for creating strong, consistent bonds in complex piping systems, showcasing our commitment to versatility and top-quality installations.

Precision Socket Fusion

EPS Trenchless Installations is also proficient in Socket Fusion for small-diameter polyethylene and polypropylene pipes. Our operatives, who undergo specific training in this technique, utilize precision fusion equipment to heat and join the pipe and fitting surfaces. This method is renowned for its ability to maintain the flexibility of the piping system, crucial for certain applications. With Socket Fusion, we ensure a robust and enduring connection, comparable in durability to Butt Fusion, underscoring our dedication to delivering reliable piping solutions.

highest industry standards

Eps Trenchless Installations are thoroughly trained to adhere to the highest industry standards, ensuring that our techniques and materials meet the specific requirements for both PE80 (MDPE) and PE100 (HDPE or HPPE) materials across all pipe sizes for service and mains. This comprehensive training includes proficiency in Butt Fusion welding, in accordance with the following specifications and guidelines:

WIS 4-32-08 June 2016 Issue 4

Focusing on the fusion jointing of polyethylene pressure pipeline systems using PE80 and PE100 materials.

EN12201 Pipe and Fittings

Covers plastics piping systems for water supply, as well as for drainage and sewerage under pressure - Polyethylene (PE) - Part 2: Pipes.


Highlighting polyethylene pipes & fittings for the transportation of natural gas and suitable manufactured gas – Part 2: Pipes for use at pressures.

National Occupational Standards

Adherence to the National Occupational Standards EUSMUNC10, BS ISO 12176 – 2 on Fusion equipment, HSG185 (Health & Safety in excavations), and COSHH, along with strict compliance with manufacturer’s guidance.