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Trenchless technology provides an environmental and cost-effective solution to your underground project.

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Horizontal trenchless installations

Directional drilling is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for many underground installation projects. Instead of digging trenches to lay pipes, ducts, or cables, EPS Trenchless Installations employs state-of-the-art techniques and industry-leading equipment for your directional drilling project.

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Turnkey No-dig solutions

At EPS Trenchless Installations, we provide cutting-edge and eco-conscious approaches for underground utility placement. Our directional drilling process is streamlined, occupying minimal space and bypassing the need for extensive trenching while being adaptable to various soil conditions and protected locations.

This non-invasive technique is revolutionary in drilling processes and provides accurate utility placement, protects wildlife and ecological locations, and is a cost-effective solution for restoring old or placing new systems.


Directional drilling is an environmentally friendly solution for underground installations. By minimising the need for extensive digging and trenching, this technique reduces disruption to natural habitats and ecosystems. Our directional drilling contractors can avoid disturbing environmentally sensitive areas such as wetlands, rivers, and forests. This preference for directional drilling in projects is due to its reduced environmental footprint. Before carrying out any drilling, a comprehensive environmental impact study is performed to assess the potential implications on areas of special interest:

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Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI):

Protected areas are rife with unique ecosystems, rare species, geological formations, or habitats, and they are often protected by law. With the use of trenchless technology, a non-invasive approach is applied, ensuring the protection of special conservation interests.
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Damaging or cutting tree roots can threaten tree health and stability, potentially resulting in decline or even death. HDD drilling provides a non-invasive approach and a fully planned, precise path that can avoid the roots. This effectively reduces the risk of root damage in these specialised zones.

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This type of conservation area provides a specialist approach, and directional drilling provides the ability to accurately determine subterranean trajectories, allowing successful installation without affecting the ground cover, damaging tree roots, or disturbing habitats.

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Our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint is at the forefront of our operations. Traditional excavation often involves extensive earth removal and high fuel usage due to heavy equipment. However, our turnkey techniques use less machinery and provide minimal disruption to the environment, reducing our environmental impact.




We start with conducting a detailed survey, a site visit, and the use of online technology to check geological information


From conception to completion, EPS will work in partnership with you, planning and advising you on the best way to complete your project


The directional drilling process is handled professionally and meticulously by our fully qualified engineers from start to finish


We leave your site clean and clear of all materials and debris, providing an end-to-end service and complete reinstatement and site clearance.

Project case studies

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Communications ducts for motorway data network
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Storm water management project aimed at mitigating flooding
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BGS Utilities

New gas mains crossing busy dual carriageway



dependent on the required diameter and the ground conditions


Metre pipe lengths

(subject to pipe size and ground conditions)


+/- mm

ground dependent


The drilling process is carefully planned and executed by our qualified engineers who ensure accuracy and efficiency throughout. By using horizontal directional drilling, our clients can expect the following benefits:

No need for deep excavations

Small carbon footprint, environmentally friendly methods

No need for unnecessary road closures

No need for restricted working hours, or premium rates

Our operations are not bound by Section 58 restrictions

Speedier installation times

Unaffected by surface obstacles

No disruption to infrastructure, services or the surface

Directional Drilling can be used for gravity gradient installations

Reduced requirement for road closures, licences, and disruption to members of the public


As the leading directional drilling specialists in the UK, we’ve had the honour of partnering with some of the most renowned brands in the industry. From the iconic Santa Pod Raceway to industry giants like the NHS, BAE, and BMW, plus countless others, we’ve been entrusted to improve their systems and services with our cutting-edge trenchless technology and no-dig methods, and we can provide this for you too.

With minimal impact on your site and the surrounding environment, we can survey, plan, and complete your required operation to the highest standards in new pipe, cable, or duct installations. Additionally, we operate to strict Health and Safety protocols and maintain continuous ‘good housekeeping’ standards, right from conception to completion. Whether you require the installation of new services or are upgrading existing ones, EPS Trenchless Installations provides a variety of cost-effective solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements.

So, if you’re looking for a professional and knowledgeable horizontal directional drilling company, our team is dedicated to delivering top-notch results while prioritising environmental stewardship and safety, every step of the way. We provide comprehensive planning and meticulous attention to detail so you can trust us to handle your project with care and precision, no matter the complexity or location. We’re looking forward to discussing your project.


Horizontal directional drilling, often referred to as HDD or trenchless technology, is an innovative technique for laying underground utilities such as pipes, cables, ducts, and conduits without resorting to conventional trenching. Instead of creating open trenches, this method starts with a pilot hole that is drilled diagonally from the surface toward a desired endpoint. After the initial hole is made, advanced drilling equipment enlarges and steers the hole in the desired direction while underground. This seamless process provides minimal damage to the surface ground and is not as invasive as conventional methods, saving our clients money and the hassle of restoring the area after large excavation work.

Our procedure starts by drilling a pilot borehole that follows a predetermined route. We then expand the hole along the trajectory established by the pilot bore, a process referred to as back reaming. Finally, the product pipe is pulled through the enlarged passage.

The machine we will choose for your project is dependent on your site and location. For our smaller and more fragile ecological sites, we will select our smaller HDD machine to ensure that we minimise disruption to the environment and protect delicate ecosystems. This smaller HDD machine is designed to navigate tight spaces and sensitive terrain with precision and care, allowing us to complete the job while minimising impact on the surrounding area. 

For larger sites that require greater power and capacity, we have larger HDD machines equipped to handle more demanding projects, whilst still maintaining little impact at your location. These machines are capable of tackling larger bore diameters and longer distances, providing the necessary strength and efficiency to complete the job effectively. 

No matter the size or complexity of your project, we have the expertise and equipment to ensure successful horizontal directional drilling while prioritising environmental conservation and minimising disruption to sensitive areas.

Directional drilling is utilised for laying utility lines and conduits, providing a more economical and minimally invasive option compared to conventional vertical drilling methods. 

This approach provides many advantages over conventional drilling as it is possible to lay or repair utility pipes, ducts, or cables, without excavations of large amounts of ground and provides options for laying pipes in sensitive or protected areas.

There are many advantages to employing horizontal and directional drilling. These are, minimal disturbances to surfaces, reduced environmental impact, cost savings, enhanced safety, and provides minimal disruption to utilities.

This is entirely dependent on the machine used for your location and ground conditions and/or obstructions. We will conduct a site visit and discuss the plan of action. Pipes from 25mm to 355mm diameters can be installed over distances of up to 200 metres in a single shot. Ducting, cables, and pipework can also be installed in either straight or curved lines.

No, it won’t. Our methods and trenchless technology will minimise disturbance in your location. Our approach ensures that we can carry out our work efficiently and effectively while keeping the impact on your surroundings to an absolute minimum. We will conduct a site visit before work takes place, talk through your requirements and we will evaluate the area to identify any obstacles or obstructions that may be present.

If you require work in protected or specialist areas, we can provide minimal disruption to the natural environment, ensure compliance with any relevant regulations or restrictions, and respect the integrity of the site.

We provide many trenchless solutions such as guided auger boring, moling, pipe bursting, pipe ramming, small footprint drilling, s50works, and fire hydrant testing.

We provide our expert trenchless solutions across a span of industries in the UK. Our industries include environmental remediation, water management, utility services, civil engineering and construction, and more.