Client Case Study

Innovative Flood Alleviation Project

Stonbury / Environmental Agency

Project Introduction

The undertaking was necessitated by recurrent flooding, impacting the local ecosystem and infrastructure near the A43. The project’s innovative approach utilized HDD technology, a method that promised minimal ecological impact while effectively addressing the flooding concern.


Large storm pipe


50 Meters


Old embankment

Drilling Suggestion:

1 x 280mm SDR11 HDPE Black


Grade works, Location of works, Access to water

Rig used:

Ditchwitch JT3020

Ground Conditions:


Installation time:

1 Day drilling with pipe installation. 1 Day Butt Fusing and pipe pre. 2 Days site setup. 4 days total.

Stonbury, renowned for its specialization in water management projects, engaged Eps Trenchless Installations on behalf of the Environmental Agency. The project’s objective was to address and mitigate persistent flooding issues, showcasing a commitment to leveraging advanced technology for environmental preservation and infrastructure improvement.

Executive Summary

Eps Trenchless Installations Ltd., in collaboration with Stonbury for the Environmental Agency, spearheaded a pioneering storm water management project aimed at mitigating flooding adjacent to the A43. The project’s core involved installing over 60 linear meters of 280mm SDR11 HDPE Black Storm Water pipe beneath an old embankment, utilizing the Ditch Witch JT3020 horizontal directional drilling (HDD) technology. This case study explores the project’s challenges, the innovative solutions employed, and the significant outcomes achieved

Challenges and Objectives:

The primary challenge was the installation of the stormwater pipeline under challenging terrain, specifically an old embankment, without resorting to invasive and costly traditional excavation methods. The objectives were clear:

Alleviate flooding effectively

Minimize environmental and structural impact

Ensure the project's cost-effectiveness and timely completion

Innovative Solutions

Scope of work

The installation focused on precision and minimal disturbance, with over 60 meters of HDPE pipe laid beneath the embankment.

Utilization of Advanced GPRS

Although not explicitly mentioned, the project’s success implied reliance on cutting-edge GPRS technology for accurate underground utility mapping and drilling guidance.

Bore Path Design and Execution

A meticulous bore path design was essential, allowing for installation at a tight grade without compromising the embankment’s integrity.

expertise in HDD

The use of a Ditch Witch JT3020 drill was pivotal, chosen for its suitability in cohesive clay conditions—ideal for the gravity installation method.


The project was a resounding success, with the stormwater pipe installed on grade and without unnecessary environmental disruption. The client, the Environmental Agency, expressed exceptional satisfaction with the innovative approach, timely execution, and the project’s overall impact on flood alleviation.


This case study underscores the potential of horizontal directional drilling as a sustainable and efficient solution for infrastructure challenges, particularly in environmentally sensitive contexts. Eps Trenchless Installations Ltd.’s execution of the project exemplifies how innovative engineering and technology can converge to solve complex problems, setting a precedent for future environmental management projects.

By reflecting on the project’s strategic planning, execution, and the collaborative effort between Eps Trenchless Installations Ltd. and Stonbury, this case study serves as a blueprint for future endeavors in the realm of environmental preservation and infrastructure resilience.

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