Client Case Study

Innovative Water Pipe Installation by EPS Trenchless Installations Ltd


Project Introduction

The project entailed the installation of essential water infrastructure in a location with restricted access and complex environmental considerations. The need to traverse under a canal and through council land added layers of regulatory compliance, including obtaining a Section 50 license for the works.

Project Name:

Canal Crossing Water Mains Installation Via HDD


Domestic / Private Side Works


Installation Of New Cold Water Mains


450 Linear Meters


Canal and Council Land

Drilling Suggestion:

50mm Mdpe


Canal Crossing, Existing Services

Rig used:

Ditchwitch JT3020

Ground Conditions:

Sand / Sand with gravel

Installation time:

6 Days for works


A domestic customer requiring a water supply to land accessible only via a narrow lane and needing to cross under a canal.

Project Highlights

Scope of work

The project included the design and installation of over 450 meters of HDPE water piping, comprehensive site and ground investigations, engagement with geotechnical and environmental consultants, and securing necessary permissions from the Canals and Rivers Trust and local council. Submission of as-laid drawings and design documentation to the Canals and Rivers Trust was a critical component of this process, ensuring all work met regulatory standards and requirements.

Advanced GPRS Utilization

While not explicitly mentioned initially, the application of advanced GPRS (Ground Penetrating Radar Systems) techniques can be inferred as part of the geotechnical investigations and bore path planning, enabling precise detection of underground utilities and obstructions.

Bore Path Design and Planning: Technical Execution and Achievements

The project team, led by EPS Trenchless Installations, undertook detailed design work, including engaging leading surveyors to produce cross-sectional drawings of the canal. This meticulous planning ensured the successful navigation of the bore path under the canal, meeting all regulatory requirements.

Drilling Specifications

The use of HDD technology was central to the project’s execution, chosen for its ability to install pipes with minimal surface disruption. This method was particularly suited to the firm sand ground conditions encountered, enabling efficient and accurate pipe installation.

Innovative Solutions and Challenges Overcome

Facing the challenge of installing piping through difficult terrain and under a canal, EPS Trenchless Installations employed HDD to minimize disruption and environmental impact. The project also required navigating complex regulatory landscapes, including securing a Section 50 license and adhering to the Canals and Rivers Trust’s stringent environmental standards.

Expertise in HDD and GPRS

The successful completion of this project showcased EPS Trenchless Installations’ expertise in HDD and their ability to integrate advanced technologies like GPRS for precise underground mapping, contributing to the project’s efficiency and effectiveness.


The project was completed in six days, within the stipulated time and budget, to the client’s satisfaction. EPS Trenchless Installations’ ability to self-certify the water mains further streamlined the process, eliminating the need for trench inspections. This case study highlights the company’s innovative approach to trenchless installations, their technical proficiency in HDD and GPRS, and their commitment to meeting client and regulatory requirements efficiently. The submission of as-laid drawings and design documentation to the Canals and Rivers Trust was a testament to EPS’s thorough and compliant approach to infrastructure projects.

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