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Communications ducts for motorway data network

50 linear meters x 2


Motorway (M1) slip roads

Drilling Suggestion:

2 x 125mm (x2 in bore) 2 slip road locations


Out of hours work only

Rig used:

Ditchwitch JT3020

Ground Conditions:


Installation time:

2 x 8 hour night shifts

Project Highlights

Scope of work

The project’s scope included the installation of 50 linear meters of HDPE communications ducts, specifically 2 x 125mm ducts at two separate slip road locations. The operation was planned and executed within the constraints of two 8-hour night shifts, emphasizing minimal disruption to motorway traffic.

Advanced GPRS Utilization

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) were employed to survey the subsurface before drilling, ensuring the avoidance of existing utilities and identification of the optimal bore path. This advanced technology significantly reduced the risk of utility strikes and environmental impact.

Bore Path Design and Planning

The bore path for the HDPE ducts was meticulously designed to navigate through clay substrates, requiring precise calculations and adjustments. The planning phase incorporated the Highways England CD 622 process, which outlines the standards and requirements for installing underground utility ducts near highways. This process ensured that all work met national safety and quality standards, facilitating coordination with Highways England and ensuring compliance with their stringent requirements for motorway infrastructure projects. The successful execution demonstrated exceptional skill in HDD techniques and bore path planning, achieving the desired depth and alignment with no disruption to the motorway’s surface or operations.

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Technical Execution and Achievements

Drilling Specifications

The drilling process involved the use of dual 125mm Hdpe Purple ducts in one bore to house the communications ducts. This specification was chosen to ensure durability and capacity for future network expansions, highlighting the project's forward-looking approach.

Innovative Solutions and Challenges Overcome

One of the project's significant challenges was conducting the work within tight time frames and without affecting the motorway's operational integrity. Innovative scheduling and the use of directional drilling techniques allowed the team to work efficiently during night hours, overcoming the logistical challenges of working in a high-traffic area.

Expertise in HDD and GPRS

The project showcased the team's expertise in utilizing Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and GPRS technologies. Their ability to adapt to ground conditions and efficiently use advanced surveying techniques was crucial in the project's success, minimizing environmental impact and ensuring the integrity of the existing motorway infrastructure.


The Junction 15 M1 slip road communications duct installation project stands as a testament to innovative engineering and meticulous adherence to national standards, specifically the Highways England CD 622 process. This adherence not only ensured compliance with regulatory requirements but also highlighted the project’s commitment to safety, quality, and sustainability. By leveraging advanced technologies and meticulous planning, the team not only met but exceeded project requirements, ensuring the motorway’s data network is robust and future-ready. This project underscores the importance of adaptability, precision, and expertise in the successful completion of critical infrastructure projects.

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