Client Case Study

Directional Drilling Project for National Police Service


Project Introduction

The project aimed to install a water mains beneath a taxiway to support NPAS operations. The task necessitated precise planning and execution to avoid disruption to daily activities and ensure the integrity of the taxiway.




Install a water main under a taxiway


35 meters



Drilling Suggestion:

1 x 125mm SDR11 Blue water mains


Working alongside moving aircraft

Rig used:

Vermeer D9X13

Installation time:

1 day

The National Police Service (NPAS) is a crucial organization responsible for aerial policing across the nation. Ensuring seamless operations is imperative, requiring reliable infrastructure such as water mains.

Executive Summary

This case study outlines a successful directional drilling project executed by EPS Trenchless Installations Ltd for the National Police Service (NPAS). The project involved installing a water mains under a taxiway with specific requirements and constraints. Through innovative solutions and expertise in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), the project was completed efficiently within the designated timeframe and budget.

Challenges and Objectives:

Installing water mains under a taxiway without disrupting operations.

Adhering to strict budget and time constraints.

Ensuring minimal ground disturbance and maintaining structural integrity.



Through effective planning, innovative solutions, and expertise in HDD, EPS Trenchless Installations Ltd successfully installed a water mains under a taxiway for the National Police Service. The project exemplifies our commitment to delivering efficient and reliable directional drilling solutions, meeting the unique needs of our clients while ensuring minimal disruption and maximum satisfaction.

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