Pipe Ramming

A fast and effective method for installing large-diameter pipelines over distances up to 100 meters.

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Opt for Eps Trenchless Installations Ltd and benefit from a combination of efficiency, environmental stewardship, and cost-effectiveness. Whether your project involves complex infrastructure or sensitive environmental conditions, our pipe ramming expertise is your solution.

Pipe Ramming Solutions

At Eps Trenchless Installations Ltd, we are a leading force in the UK’s trenchless technology industry. Specializing in pipe ramming, we expertly install steel pipelines up to 1000mm in diameter and 100 meters long in a single operation. This approach serves as a sustainable alternative to traditional trenching, greatly reducing environmental harm and waste. Our method not only avoids the substantial disruptions of conventional trenching but also significantly lowers installation costs and improves the visual appeal of project areas, ensuring your ventures are economically sustainable.

Benefits of Pipe Ramming

Pipe ramming is a fast and effective method for installing large-diameter pipelines over distances up to 100 meters. It directly targets the installation path, minimizing surface disturbance and retaining most spoil within the pipe, which is later cleared. This results in minimal ground settlement, making it one of the most non-intrusive trenchless methods available.

How Our Pipe Ramming Method Works

We utilize advanced pneumatic technology to drive pipes into the ground using percussive impacts. The pipe’s leading end is typically open to allow a slight overcut, which reduces friction and optimizes load conditions. This effect is enhanced by attaching a soil-cutting shoe or special bands to the pipe. Friction reduction is further achieved using lubricants like bentonite and polymers. Spoil removal, essential for maintaining pipe integrity, is performed post-installation using augers, compressed air, or water jetting, depending on the length of the installation.