Client Case Study

Rapid Installation of a 63mm Gas Main

BGS Utilities

Project Introduction

BGS Utilities enlisted EPS Trenchless Installations for the installation of a 63mm SDR11 gas main beneath a heavily trafficked dual carriageway in Northampton, aiming to minimize disruption and complete the task swiftly.


New gas mains for new industrial unit




Dual carriageway / busy section by roundabout

Drilling Suggestion:

Client requested 1 x 63mm SDR11 gas mains


Busy road / existing services

Rig used:

Vermeer D9X13

Ground Conditions:


Installation time:

1 day

BGS Utilities, a leading UK provider of comprehensive utility solutions, excels in project management, ensuring safety, efficiency, and client satisfaction across commercial, housing, and industrial sectors. With over 15 years of experience and recognition from industry governing bodies, they offer tailored services, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget. Recently, they partnered with EPS Trenchless Installations Ltd for a Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) project, chosen for their unparalleled HDD expertise, promising precision and technical excellence for optimal project outcomes.

Executive Summary

This case study details the successful collaboration between EPS Trenchless Installations and BGS Utilities to install a 63mm gas main under a busy section of dual carriageway in Sixfields, Northampton. Despite challenging weather conditions, the project was completed efficiently in just one morning, showcasing the effectiveness of directional drilling techniques and the expertise of the EPS team.

Challenges and Objectives:

The project faced the dual challenges of executing the installation under adverse weather conditions and ensuring minimal disruption to the busy carriageway. The objectives were clear:

Efficient installation of the gas main

Minimal surface disturbance

Completion within a tight timeframe

Project Highlights

Scope of work

The task involved installing a 63mm SDR11 gas main using a Vermeer D9x13 directional drilling rig, known for its precision and reliability.

Utilisation of Advanced GPRS, Permissions, and Planning

The project required meticulous planning, including obtaining the necessary permissions and employing GPRS technology to ensure accurate drilling paths and avoid underground utilities.

Bore Path Design and Execution:

The bore path was strategically designed to navigate the undercarriage of the dual carriageway, utilizing the rig’s capabilities to overcome the good clay ground conditions, which were ideal for the operation.

expertise in HDD

The use of a Ditch Witch JT3020 drill was pivotal, chosen for its suitability in cohesive clay conditions—ideal for the gravity installation method.


The installation was completed in just one morning, with the EPS team overcoming poor weather conditions to ensure the project’s success. BGS Utilities was extremely satisfied with the outcome, highlighting the project’s efficiency and the minimal disruption caused to the local area.


This project exemplifies the benefits of HDD in urban utility installations, particularly in challenging environments. EPS Trenchless Installations demonstrated exceptional skill and determination, completing the work swiftly despite adverse conditions. This case study underscores the importance of expertise, advanced technology, and thorough planning in achieving successful outcomes in the utility sector.

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