Horizontal Directional Drilling

Directional Drilling is a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution for many underground installation projects. Instead of digging trenches to lay pipes/ducts and cables EPS Trenchless Installations use a technique called horizontal directional drilling or HDD.

This method involves drilling a pilot borehole along a predetermined bore path. The hole is then enlarged following the path set by the pilot bore, this is known as back reaming. Then the product pipe is pulled in behind this.

Pipe sizes range from 25mm to 355mm with distances up to 200m installed in one shot. Directional drilling uses a small footprint with no need for deep excavations and operates through various ground types.

This trenchless method is ideal for the installation of cables and ducts, pumped sewer lines, water mains, oil lines and gas lines under roads, railways, existing structures, congested areas, environmentally sensitive areas and waterways.

Having completed projects on main roads, motorways, SSSI’s, railways, rivers and canals, military bases, nuclear facilities and sporting venues such as Donnington Park, EPS Trenchless Installations has a proven track record in major underground installation projects.

EPS can advise you as to whether it is cost-effective or feasible option for your project.